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Are you feeling tired?

Do you have low energy?

Are you tired of feeling guilty about some (or all) of your food choices?

I know I was!

Clean eating is about literally detoxing your diet. This is not another weight loss tool, it’s a way to improve your overall and life long health!

Don’t feel overwhelmed by all you should change, take it slow!

5 Simple Steps to start eating clean{er} in a week:

  • Start reading all the ingredient labels before you buy anything; that’s it.  Just start noticing and educating yourself on what you are actually eating.
    Click here for a good tutorial on reading labels!
  • Choose one processed food you can live without for a week.
    Soda, chips or cookies, anyone?

  • Fix one completely clean meal for your family.
    That means an emphasis on whole foods, nothing processed, no white flour/white sugar/white rice.

  • Choose one new fruit and one new vegetable to try.
    If I can try chard and leeks, so can you!

  • Try shopping only the perimeter of the grocery store for one week.
    This means only fresh produce, meat, and dairy

I would love to know how it goes for you!