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Hey Y’all!

After I wrote this post about artificial dyes, and their grossness, I realized I need to show you how I’ve replaced a lot of my niño’s favorite snacks with “clean” versions!

Snack Time is the most enthusiastic I ever see my children about eating.
(Except for when I serve up these pancakes!)

So here we go-favorite snacks around these parts, and how I’ve replaced them with clean options.

This is real life folks.  Stuff that I’ve done with my family!

Fruit Snacks

Ahhh.  Fruit Snacks.  A DIE HARD favorite of Mr. A & Miss J.

This was the first snack I had to clean up!  I looked everywhere for a good replacement.  To be clean, I wanted NO added sugar, corn syrup, or chemicals.  I wanted it to actually be a fruit snack!

The Archer Farms brand (sold at Super Target) is the ONLY place I could find acceptable “fruit snacks”.

Let’s compare the ingredient list. Be prepared to CRINGE!

I’m sure you noticed the FIRST ingredients in the Kellog’s fruit snacks are corn syrup and sugar, right?  And how many artificial dyes do you need in fruit snacks?!  The Archer Farms alternative is actually…..just fruit (and even a veggie!)  Awesome!


I LOVE the sprouted wheat whole grain pretzels we have switched to.  They taste SO good.  Unlike any Wal-Mart “pretzel” I’ve ever had!

Ingredient Comparison:

Not much of a comparison.  You can pronounce, and understand what’s in the sprouted pretzels!

Goldfish Crackers

I blogged here about the adoration of golfish around here!

This is not one you can buy, but it will take you all of 30 minutes to make a huge batch of clean cheddar crackers!

Not thrilled with the amount of chemicals in those goldfish!  So processed!

Fruit Strips

Now, to be fair, we never really ate fruit roll ups.  I just wanted to show you how the ingredients differ between them and the Trader Joe’s/Stretch Island version.

No artificial dyes, sugar, corn syrup or hydrogenated oils in the “clean” version!  You can even buy a large pack of the Stretch Island brand at Costco!

Fruit Juice

I could easily write a whole post about fruit juice.  In a nutshell, buy 100% juice, with no sugar added.  There are endless brands that are “clean” alternative to Kool-Aid, Capri Sun, etc.

I’m sure you won’t be surprised, but the ingredients in Kool-Aid/Capri Sun are about as far from fruit as you get.

I LOVE the Apple & Eve Fruitables.  My kiddos are getting fruits and veggies, with no chemicals or sugar!  Here is a great article about A&E Juice.

Snack Time around here includes the above “clean” options once or twice a week.  It has take some work and adjustment, but the vast majority of our snacks now revolve around fresh fruit/veggies, and hormone free string cheese!

Happy Clean Snacking!