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Mr. Clean Eating is the BEST cook!

His most recent creation is definitely blog-worthy!

This stuff is SO DELISH that it might not make it to dinner time.  I was eating it right out of the pan!

Here are a few TRADE SECRETS of making restaurant style rice

Bake in a shallow baking dish, like a 9×13 pan.
This allows the rice to get nice a fluffy, and keeps it from getting heavy, sticky
and dense.

Let it rest after you take it out of the oven.  Fluffing it with a fork and letting it sit for a few minutes works wonders!

Adding the jalepeno during cooking, and removing it before serving allows it to flavor the rice, without making it spicy!

The bay leaves make a difference.  It’s hard to describe it exactly, but they add a lot to the dish!

I use Trader Joe’s Quick Cooking Brown Rice…..it cooks FAST!  We have made this with regular brown rice, and it didn’t work.  Use the quick cook!

Restaurant Style {Mexican} Rice!


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