If you read this post, you know how I feel about artificial dyes!

The effect they have on my niños is noticeable-they get cranky, whiny, and super emotional! It makes them, and me, miserable.

Now that we have completely eliminated any artificial dye and processed sugar from our diets, the effect on them is noticeable if they do have those things.

Let’s just say Halloween around here was crazy-I let my kiddos eat lots of candy, full of lots of sugar, and lots of dyes.  It was not fun for anyone.  I’m not imagining these effects-my children, and I would venture to say most, are really affected by lots of dye and sugar.

With the holidays looming around the corner, I set out to find a way to make sugar cookies without all the junk!

Natural Food Coloring

I found an awesome Whole Wheat Sugar Cookie recipe (to come soon!), and I found A TON of really cool dyes and sprinkles that have NO artificial junk in them.

I bought my food coloring here.  I’m SUPER HAPPY with how vibrant the colors turned out when I mixed them up with some frosting!

The yellow was so pretty!

These dyes are made with things like beets, carrots, cabbage, turmeric, annatto, and spinach.

They are sugar free too.  That makes them just about perfect!

Junk Free Sprinkles

For the sprinkles, I found a great selection/price here.

Would you ever guess that these pretty sprinkles were artificial dye free?  They are colored with things like annatto, red cabbage & beet juice.

Now, I searched high and low for sprinkles that had no added sugar.  I just don’t think it’s possible.  So these dye free sprinkles do have sugar, but it’s not like you eat a whole jar all at once!  I would say the “sugar” in them is negligible.  The more important fact is that they are dyed naturally!

So, how did our whole wheat sugar cookies with no artificial dye turn out??

Just Lovely.

The cookies are vibrant, colorful, and tasted delicious.  A success!

Now, if you want to try your hand at making your own dyes (to save money, etc), here are some good resources:

DIY Natural Dyes
From Scratch Club: Natural Food Coloring

Happy Junk Free Decorating!

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