We started our clean eating journey last year, in July 2012.

It’s been almost a year since we changed how and what we eat!

So, almost a year into it, let’s have a reality check.  Have we eaten clean 100% of the time?  No way-but our diet is DRASTICALLY different than it used to be.

In fact, to keep it real, you must know that I had a serious addiction to girl scout cookies this year.  A clean eating fail?  Yes!  But, I ate through what I bought (which was a lot…..) and am back on the wagon.

Here is what our Clean Eating looks like these days

100% Whole Wheat bread, all the time.  Never any processed white flour, thank you.  This includes all bread-sandwich bread, naan bread, “french” bread.  I have yet to start making my own bread, so for now I stick with the Ezekiel brand.  You must read the label carefully to find true 100% whole wheat bread!

Brown Rice, 100% of the time.  I haven’t purchased white rice is almost a year!

We have been very successfully avoiding, for a year, food with artificial colors, or dyes.  Have my children had these things?  Yes, but at places like school parties, playgroups and grandparent’s house.  My children’s behavior is SO different now that we have cut all sources of artificial dyes.  For real, it’s way better!

TONS of fresh fruits and veggies.  I’m always looking for ways to incorporate more into our diet.  I can honestly say, a year into this, my taste buds and my children’s have changed.

Hormone free dairy and cheese.  We buy organic when possible, but even if organic isn’t in your budget, hormone free is!

I haven’t purchased white, refined sugar in almost a year.  It’s all coconut sugar over here.  I buy it in bulk from Amazon.  I’ve totally converted all my baking to using coconut sugar.  I can’t tell a difference anymore!

Organic, free range chicken is the about the only meat we eat, period.  My husband is vegetarian, and I just don’t buy red meat.  We eat chicken maybe once a week.  So, this really keeps my food bill down.

A few times this past year I have splurged and bought uncured, nitrate free bacon.  It. is. awesome.  It tastes better than cheap-o bacon to me.  It’s not cheap though!  So it’s a treat.

We continue to avoid anything that isn’t “real food”.  Nothing that is made in a factory, comes in a box, or is found in the freezer section.  We simply don’t buy those things.


I hope you will check out some of my past weekly menu’s.  They have lots of awesome, clean meal ideas!