Our Clean Eating Journey

Welcome to Clean Eating in Texas!

Before I ramble on about how we got started on this journey, here is what

Clean Eating means for our family:

No white flour, white sugar, white rice

No chemical additives

No artificial dyes or colors

No product with more than 5 ingredients

Organic Produce and dairy

No fried foods

Grass fed beef, free range chicken, no hormones/antibiotics used, humanely raised and minimally processed

Basically, we are striving for an unprocessed whole food plant based diet

We’ve had many friends and family members ask us “why did you change how you eat??”  Like many things in life, there was no specific reason or event that lead us to drastically overhauling our eating.  It was a series of events that led us to the realization that we had to change our eating habits!

My husband is a life long vegetarian; he loves lots of things I consider “healthy and weird”.  When we got married, he opened my eyes to a whole world of food I had never even heard of!  That was the first step for me-learning to try (and like!) new foods.  My parents tried to get me to eat fruits and veggies growing up, but I was pretty stubborn about it!

Now that we have 3 little ones, meal times have become increasingly chaotic.  Over the last 6 months, I had started to become uncomfortable with some of the food choices we were making.  Too much fast food, and too many convenience/processed type foods!  I knew that I did not want my children to grow up with a love of Cheetos and a dislike of carrots.

Another stop on the path to clean eating was how my husband and I were feeling physically-tired, drained, and never enough energy.  Until we started researching clean eating, and how it can completely change how you feel, I didn’t realize or understand that what I was eating was affecting me so much.

Watching the documentaries Food Inc. and Forks over Knives were huge eye openers to me on what is really in our food!  To say I was freaked out is an understatement!  It made me want to change how we eat!

We are feeling healthier and more energetic than ever-and it’s all due to how we eat!


14 thoughts on “Our Clean Eating Journey”

  1. Just starting this journey with my family and have no idea where to start…any advice??

  2. Liz Baldwin said:

    Really like your site and found it via Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. I really relate to you having had 3 children under the age of 5 at one point myself!I have been reading labels since the 70s for health reasons and although we do not eat totally “clean” according to your definition, we do use mainly “whole foods” and have eliminated many things out of our diet that are unhealthy.
    I noticed you use Coconut Sugar and did some research to find out where I can purchase it in our area. I came across this article and thought you might find it interesting.


    Thanks for your blog….Keep up the great work 🙂

  3. Liz,
    Thanks for stopping by! If you read the link below, I think it will clear up any misconceptions about Coconut Sugar. The article you linked to has become rather infamous in the clean eating world as one full of mis-information. You’ll notice it links to no actual sources 🙂


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